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About Marisa Felicissimo


MARISA FELICISSIMO has graduated in Medicine at the Federal University ofMinas Gerais in 1999, completed medical residency in Psychiatry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IPUB) in 2002, and specialization on Integrated psychosocial care of alcohol and drug users - CAPS-AD (IPUB / Ministry of Health) in 2003.
As part of the 2007/2008 Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program hosted by the Virginia Commonwealth University in USA, Marisa Felicissimo concluded several professionals affiliations with American specialists and researchers in Virginia (Richmond Behavior Authority), Seattle (Addiction Behavior Research Center, University of Washington) and San Francisco (The Harm Reduction Therapy Center).
As a civil servant of the Municipal Health Secretary of Rio de Janeiro, Marisa Felicissimo worked for 2 years in the psychiatric outpatient service of the Municipal Center Nise da Silveira and for 4 years at the Center for Addiction Treatment o…