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HIV/AIDS - Brazil, an emerging actor in development cooperation

For all those months, since I last wrote here, I've been wondering how could I merge my background in drug policies and addiction treatment studies with my new goal of learning and engaging into the international cooperation field. Focus myself into Global Health would be the obvious choice. And at this moment it seems the most reasonable path. After all, it's relatively easy to quit medical practice but it's not that easy to delete nearly 16 years of medical learning and practice from a CV. The difficult thing is to try to find a common ground between the old and the new and still looks coherent. That has been my challenge.

I'm not quite ready to quit the idea of focusing my studies on governance, participatory democracy, international migration and refugees (my new passion?!), but at least to make a smooth transition, specially for this blog, I'll start writing and posting things that I consider the link between my past and my future. Soon I'll be changing the…