Jun 26, 2009

World Drug Report 2009 - Brazilian Government exposes the first flaw.

This is the first flaw that Brazilians discovered at the UNODC Drug Report 2009.

Bellow is the official note from the Government about it. It is published at UNODC Brazil website (in Portuguese) as a footnote of the news about the launch of the report (I did the translation).

I can't think this data was published this way unintended. Brazilian harm reduction implementation (including needle exchange programs) played a key role in the contention of the HIV infection among IDUs. Please help us spread this information and expose how careless this report is constructed.

UNODC and the National Program of STD and AIDS of the Ministry of Health clarifies

The World Report on Drugs officially launched today, 24/06, by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, has, among other data, information on the prevalence of HIV among injecting drug users. Brazil appears with a prevalence rate of HIV of 48% for this population. This information has as a reference the article published by the Reference Group of the United Nations on HIV and Injectable Drug Use in the scientific journal The Lancet in September 2008. However the percentage on the prevalence of HIV among IDUs cited in the article does not reflect the current situation of the country, because it is a outdated, as it refers to the situation of the epidemic in the early 90ths
The Ministry of Health works with the official notification of cases of AIDS and in the second
epidemiological bulletin, 2008, you can see a reduction of 72.6% of cases of AIDS among the population of injecting drug users in the period 1996 to 2006. The percentage of cases among the male population of IDUs in 1996 was 23.8% and fell to 8.9% in 2006, among women the percentage fell from 12.6% to 3.3%, respectively.
It is still important to clarify that there is an ongoing research of HIV prevalence among the
population of injecting drug users within the project implemented in partnership by National STD and AIDS and the UNODC, which will allow the collection of updated data.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
National STD and AIDS of the Ministry of Health

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